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The cartoons, humorous drawings and illustrations that I make can find application in the most different sectors of communication, commercial or otherwise, whether they are advertising, promotional, editorial or other and also used for the most diverse occasions of a private nature. such as giveaways or gifts for weddings, graduations, events and anniversaries of various kinds. They can be reproduced directly on countless types of supports and in the necessary dimensions, thickness and appearance as well as on labels, bottles, cups and mugs, T-shirts, banners, pennants and all the typical products of the gadgetry sector in paper, fabric, ceramic, plastic. or other material.

Furthermore, since I have dealt with training and consultancy for large companies operating in the graphic and computer sector aimed at communication as well as training at schools specialized in post-diploma professional courses on digital systems in the field of Visual Communication in all its expressions as well as having operated professionally in the same sector for over thirty-five years, in addition to carrying out the activity of editorial cartoonist I deal with the design and creation of products of different nature through the use of specific applications and their interaction in relation to various sectors of communication itself:



Editorial graphics (magazines, periodicals, books, manuals), coordinated corporate image (logos, business cards, brochures, objects, internal communication elements, personalized typefaces, slides), external communication (posters, flyers, leaflets, banners, totems , invitations, vector and bitmap illustration (humorous, editorial, advertising, technical), packaging (graphics and dies for packaging, packaging, CD, DVD), photographic post production (retouching, editing, color management and typographic preparation), 2D animation ( vector and bitmap), video post production (video and audio editing and synchronization) audiovisual (events, exhibitions, promotional, educational), interactive products (CD, DVD, interactive web), 3d modeling (models and rendering), products for the network (websites, portals), conversion of graphic formats, traditional editorial and for the web.

Some funny works "On demand" are shown in The Soul of Commerce gallery,


For every need there is a solution and together we will find the best one. Everything you need of what I am able to achieve can be requested by contacting me via email at:

Below are the links from which you can download some examples of my production in PDF format:

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